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Invisible Teeth Alignment

Interior (lingual) invisible tooth alignment

The classic orthodontic treatment involves affixing metal braces (“brackets”) onto the teeth (“bridge”), on the external surface of the teeth. In order to transform the orthodontic treatment into an invisible one, methods have been developed which facilitate affixing the bracket to the interior side of the tooth. One of the methods we tend to use at our clinic is the Incognito™ method from the 3M company. Using this method, after planning the desired course of treatment, the orthodontist will take an impression of the jaws and send it to Germany. There at the company’s laboratory, a model of the teeth will be created. In addition, using a computer program, they will create an individually fitted bracket for each and every tooth according to the shape of its interior side. This unique fitting method enables us to affix the braces onto the interior side of the tooth, making the orthodontic treatment invisible and aesthetic. Further, the unique, precise fabrication enables producing braces which can be affixed to the teeth better due to their perfect fit. They are also specially designed to irritate the tongue as little as possible. Even the wire between the braces is created and bent according to the specific case. The duration of the treatment is usually identical to the conventional treatment time. The disadvantages of invisible interior tooth alignment is the difficulty in maintaining proper hygiene; therefore, the teeth must be cleaned with extra care. This method is equally suitable for both adults and teenagers.

Clear Tooth Alignment Treatment

For anyone who is uncomfortable with the idea of affixing brackets (“metal” “braces”) on the teeth, this solution may be perfect! The idea is to straighten the teeth using clear aligners (“clear bridge on the teeth”, “clear retainer”) which are placed upon the teeth and apply pressure in different directions to move the teeth. One of the methods used in our clinic is the Invisalign method:

With the Invisalign tooth alignment method, after planning the required treatment program, measurements of the patient’s jaws are taken and the information is sent to the company’s laboratories in the United States. There, using a computer program, a simulation of the required treatment process is created and a series of clear aligners are made. Each clear aligner represents a different stage of the treatment, and the set must be changed every two weeks. The aligners (“retainers”) must be worn throughout the entire day, only taken off to eat or for cleaning. The obvious advantage is the aesthetic aspect of the treatment – no metal and no wires. Of course, it is easier to maintain proper hygiene as well because it is possible to remove them and clean the teeth thoroughly, which minimizes the chances of caries and/or white stains, which are more prevalent following the use of metal braces. The disadvantages are that the aligners only work when they are inside the mouth, so a great deal of cooperation on the part of the patient is required. Because the apparatus is removable, there is also the risk that it may be misplaced.

At our clinic, there is another clear tooth alignment treatment option using aligners, called a clear aligner. Here, the aligners are not made with a computer program, but rather in a laboratory in Israel, according to the doctor’s instructions. This fact results in lower treatment costs in comparison to the Invisalign method.

Invisible tooth alignment treatment while you sleep – Aerodentis

Sounds like a dream, but it’s entirely real! For the first time, a method has been developed enabling you to undergo tooth alignment treatment for just a few hours inside your home, privately. The Aerodentis systems is meant to be worn for 10 hours a day, while sleeping or at rest, and leaves you free the rest of the time. The system is composed of a clear, plastic aligner (retainer) meant to be worn on the teeth. Within the retainer, there is a tiny silicon balloon which can be inflated. The silicon balloon connects to an external control unit. The required treatment program is entered into the control unit. The system is based on pressure exerted by delicate air pressure pulsations transferred from the control unit to the silicon balloon in the aligner. In contrast with the regular tooth alignment methods, in which the force moving the teeth is uniform and constant, this is a device which exerts pressure in controlled pulses. Research shows that the use of this type of force causes quicker movement of the teeth. In addition, blood flow to the tissue connecting the tooth and the jawbone (PDL) is not harmed, and thus the risk of a possible complication related to tooth alignment, namely root absorption, is significantly decreased. The duration of the treatment is usually like the conventional treatment, but with a clear advantage – the time that the device is worn is less than half. This method is suitable in almost all cases and for patients of any age.


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