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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant At Dpak Dental Salon

Hair fall, Alopecia, dandruff, brittleness of Hair, premature graying of Hair, split ends, areata, dry scalp etc., are the most common problems for millions of men and women these days. The reason behind this may be the poor nutritional states especially malnutrition and anemia, physical and mental stress, chemotherapy, radiation, therapies used for joint pains, heart problems and gout, skin diseases including psoriasis, dandruff, lichen planus and tinea infection, hormonal changes during childbirth, hypothyroidism, menarche and hyperthyroidism and others can trigger hair loss.

The specialists at Depak Dental Salon analyze the reason for multifactorial hair loss in the patient and prepare a customized treatment plan that best suits and helps the patient in to restore hair naturally. Whether you are suffering from hair loss or slap disorders, we provide a unique solution that can rectify the fault at root cause level and helps you to strengthen your hair follicle and regain healthy hair follicle.

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