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Smile Design

What Is Smile Designing

Beautiful and radiant smile influences your looks and enhances your self-confidence by eliminating anxiety about the public self-image. But, the appearance of your smile purely depends on the curvature and shape of the mouth. Whether you have Crooked teeth, badly shaped teeth, extremely large teeth, badly inclined teeth, extremely small teeth, discolored or stained teeth, chipped teeth, a low lip line, spaces between teeth, overexposed gums or a high lip line, Depak Dental Saloon holds skilled and professional dentists who can treat the patients effectively.

Our specialists will analyze and review the curves and shape of your lips, gums and teeth before suggesting you customized cosmetic dental procedures to treat your teeth and smile. From simple teeth whitening to full mouth restoration, we treat every minor part of your smile including a low lip line which will hide a major part of the upper teeth when smile and gives an aged look, high lip line which will give a gummy smile by exposing much of the teeth.

For patients without dental insurance, affordable smile design and affordable smile makeovers are available to participants in the Dpak Dental Saloon.

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